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About US

MoMo To Go is a family owned and operated team of MoMo lovers, whose passion is to cook, share and promote Himalayan dumplings. It has been hosting various MoMo pop-up events in and around DFW since 2017 where it serves live cooked steamy-hot-delecious momos. 

(MoMo To Go also had two To-Go locations in Dallas but they both have been closed since COVID.)
Apart from this, it has hosted several other larger scale indoor and outdoor events including the Hero Award 2019 and Parents Picnic. 

With MoMo Festivals 2022, MoMo To Go aims to showcase the best local Nepalese restaurants and eateries near you. Please come enjoy tons of different varieties of momos, other Nepali cuisines, drinks and live bands & DJs on stage all day long. 

Tens of thousands of happy customers have indulged in the delicious momos - JOIN US!

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