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The MoMo Festival is the biggest Nepali event outside of Nepal. The event is a vibrant celebration of Himalayan cuisine that takes place annually. Organized by Team MoMo-To-Go, a family-owned business, the festival offers a range of food and non-food vendors, live music, and ground entertainment. Guests can enjoy delicious Momos, a traditional Himalayan dumpling, alongside other regional delicacies.


The festival features international Nepali bands and singers, as well as local artists, providing a diverse range of entertainment. In addition to the music, guests can enjoy a petting zoo, comedy magician, and stilt walkers.

The highlight of the event is the appearance of MasterChef Santosh Shah, an international icon in the culinary world who will showcase his skills and share his knowledge of Himalayan cuisine. The MoMo Festival is a must-attend event for foodies and music lovers alike.

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