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For general questions, we will get back to you in 24-48 hours.

MoMo Eating Contest

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There are two rounds of MoMo Eating Competitions, one is among male participants and the winner of this round will be called “MoMo King 2022.” 

The 2nd round is among female participants and the winner of this round will be called “MoMo Queen 2022.”
Fee to participate in momo eating competition is $10/participant.

***Mo:Mo (Dumpling) Eating Competition ***

Two Rounds: MoMo King and MoMo Queen  

Max participants each round: 20 

Fees: $10/per participant

Competition: Participants will sit down on chair/table. We will provide each of them with a bowl of 10 pieces of momo. Everyone start eating after the whistle and whoever finishes eating the 10 momo first, and stands up with both hands up, WINS. 

Prize: $200 Cash 

How to sign up: You could go ahead and sign up now at our Website: or at the event. The $10 fee to participate must be submitted to us in cash before the competition begins. 

Time: Roughly Between 4:00 to 5:00pm. If you singed up online but do not show up when called your name at the stage, or unable to submit the $10 fee, we reserve the right to dismiss your name and add next interested participant (s).  





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